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Search Engine Optimisation

Website optimisation usually takes 1 or 2 days and in most cases even the basic aspects of the users experience have been severely neglected.

Why do i need this?

We suggest before you make any big expendetures like expensive marketing or PR campaigns make sure your website is in tip-top shape.

Often companies will spend thousands of pounds on marketing campaigns not realising half the visitors that come to their website can't view the page on their mobile phone or the website takes so long to load, they give up and leave.

There are hundreds of reasons a visitor might not engage, cover the basics with a simple audit & optimisation.

Check your website performance with Google Insights


Google Insights

Your website speed is one of the biggest deciding factors in whether or not your website will be prioritised in search results.

Google has indicated that website speed is one of the attributes used by its search algorithm to rank websites. Getting your website speed optimised is essential to success on search engines & and for minimising visitor bounce rates.

Also remember a big bulky website might look great but will use up visitors mobile data, almost 50% of website visitors use a mobile phone to view your website!

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Devices & Browser Icons

Get the correct icons displayed on every device. Make sure you tick all the boxes and get your logo icon displayed properly wherever your website is saved or used.

Add icons for all the most common devices & browsers

iOS Safari • Android Chrome • Windows 8 and 10 • Mac OS X • Desktop browsers
PlayStation • XboX Live

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SEO Audit

There are some basic boxes you can tick with google and other search engines to improve your sites performance.

For various reasons Google likes a little structure to a website, where your titles and subtitles and image descriptons are help google analyse your site information and display it on Google Places, Google Search & Image Search.

It's important that you tick googles boxes as they will prioritise your website if it meets their standards.

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W3C Validation

The W3C Validation Service is a page analysing tool provided by the World Wide Web Consortium

Getting your website properly validated will allow search engines to properly index your website, users with specific disability enabled devices to access your website, and browsers to correctly display your website.

Why do we need it?

There are 5 leading web browsers.

Google Chrome • Mozilla Firefox • Opera Web Browser • Safari Web Browser • Internet Explorer

And over 50 less commonly used browsers on devices such as smart tvs, mobiles & tablets, game consoles, car dashboards & many more.

They all use W3C as basic, if you are validated then your website will usually work on all of them.

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Social Network Sharing

Social Networks use their own crawlers to grab info from your website. When a Facebook user shares your website on their wall then what gets displayed is defined by you.

Most Social Networks rely on you adding Rich Snippets to your website that tells them what title, description and image to show.

Not properly setting up your Rich Snippets will make your website look unprofessional and users will not engage with it.

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